Innovation and Entrepreneurship with impact in SPAIN

  • Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona (Spain)
  • 3 weeks
  • Schiller University
  • Languages: English and Spanish
Programa de innovación y emprendimiento con impacto en España


Spain is a country of entrepreneurship, with an economy based on its service sector, made up of small and medium-sized companies, in many cases family-owned, which have been growing and becoming more professional in different sectors.

The different crises of the last few years, the change in lifestyle, the shift towards environmental sustainability, technology, and innovation, have increased the level of entrepreneurship in the country.

New business opportunities, public and private investments, and the possibility of geographic relocation have made Spain the Hub for entrepreneurs, greater learning centers, agile methodologies, and increasing co-working spaces which facilitate the transmission of knowledge, allowing collaboration between entrepreneurs from different areas.

This is a 100% experiential project, where you will understand the context of the global market from the Spanish perspective, you will learn about entrepreneurship and how to move from an idea to a project using methodologies based on different innovation perspectives and you will design your own proposal, you will enrich it with companies and entrepreneurs where you will carry out your internships and you will also volunteer and discover the history and culture in cities like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.

Learning Outcomes:


You will expand your vision of the Spanish economy in a European context, framed in a welfare system in a Mediterranean culture. You will analyse the different market opportunities offered by both Spain and Europe and the situation of growth and competitiveness in a global market.


You will be trained in entrepreneurship to generate impact projects, possibly social, through innovative methodologies such as Lean Start-Up, U Theory and Change Maker processes.


You will be trained in entrepreneurship to generate impact projects, possibly social, through innovative methodologies such as Lean Start-Up, U Theory and Change Maker processes.


You will discover spaces for innovation and collaborative work in co-working, co-leaving and innovation centres specialising in urban planning, sustainability and education, among others.

Program Structure

Technical Training:

  • Current situation of the economy and market, trends in Spain and its relationship with the global market.
  • Social entrepreneurship methodologies.
  • KPIs of sustainability and impact used by companies.
  • You will validate all your learnings directly with entrepreneurs and companies.
  • You will develop your own entrepreneurship project that you will present at the end of the program.

Online Training:
All our programmes include online training through our Global Youth Academy e-learning platform that addresses the themes of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You will carry out professional internships in companies and Start ups in Valencia according to your sector of activity.In addition, you will participate in workshops on ideation and design of projects with social impact based on the Change Maker methodology and you will receive courses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from professionals from large multinationals.

You will volunteer in local NGOs that promote social and sustainable projects where to apply CSR of companies.

Critical reflection workshops:
You will participate in workshops and spaces generated in order to reflect on relevant and innovative topics related to this transformative experience.

Cultural activities:
You will discover Spanish culture, its delicious gastronomy and customs through the different cultural and leisure activities that take place throughout the programme.

Programme Itinerary:
During your stay in Spain, you will visit 3 of the country’s main cities and take part in a complete itinerary where you will participate in activities related to social entrepreneurship with impact in Spain.

  • Madrid: you will take a course on Spanish economy in a European context and you will learn the necessary methodologies to design and implement your own social impact projects.
  • Valencia: you will do internships in national and international companies and discover the local culture.
  • Barcelona: volunteering, social action programme and artistic and cultural discovery.

Cultural activities:
Weekends are reserved for relaxation and fun while exploring a new country and a new culture. You will discover the gastronomy and culture of the 3 economic and cultural capitals, benchmarks in innovation in Europe: Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona.

Programas educativos a medida, 100% experienciales

Acquired Skills

Technical competence

  • Receive master classes on Spanish and European economies, previsions, challenges and opportunities.
  • You will visit top-level Spanish companies such as Repsol, Banco Santander or Maphre and international companies such as Casa Netflix, Wood or Atos.
  • Acquire training on different entrepreneurship methodologies and you will learn to design and promote your own projects.
  • Understand the challenges in terms of sustainability, social impact and innovation that companies face today.

Intercultural competence

  • Competencies to work and interact with different cultures.
  • Expand self-knowledge by recognizing strengths and weaknesses.

Systemic Analysis

  • To understand the world as a system; the interrelationships,
    dependencies and North-South effects.
  • To develop the ability to establish the connections and subsequent alliances necessary to create innovative projects.

Sustainability and impact measurement

  • To understand the capacity for action on the 2030 Agenda.
  • To develop indicators to measure impact from an economic, social economical and sustainable value.

Innovation in sustainable companies

  • To increase the innovative capacity to find solutions to social, economic and sustainable problems.
  • To learn the following methodologies as tools to address economic and social entrepreneurship: Lean Startup, Theory of Change in Business Model Canvas, ChangeMaker.

Expected Results


Train the next generation of leaders for the creation and management of social and sustainable companies.


Train students to develop creative and innovative actions in the business field that solve economic, social and environmental problems with a global and multicultural vision.


Equip students with the necessary skills to identify and solve business problems in an ethical and sustainable manner; and empower them to develop an entrepreneurial spirit based on critical, responsible, committed and creative thinking.


Development of indicators to measure the economic, social and environmental impact of its actions.


Deep understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda and their transversal application in economic and business activity.


Global Youth Academy is Lea Global’s e-learning platform that offers training on the United Nations 2030 Agenda and how to adhere, through action, to the different SDGs. All projects include 120 hours of training at the Global Youth Academy, as well as continuous online support on the subject developed.

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