The Global Campus
that shapes and transforms

Accredit an experiential and transformative training and be ready to address the challenges of the twenty-first century in local communities around the world.

Lea Global Pathways offers tailored educational programs, 100% experiential, and in diverse settings

Our aim is to train the next generation of leaders through a Global Campus that equips them with the experience and knowledge necessary to work in diverse and complex environments, and that fosters a critical and transformative vision in the fields of health, education, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, ecology, new technologies, diversity and interculturality.

Credible educational proposal that trains the youth as ethical and global leaders and enables them to positively transform their environment.

Our educational programs are aimed at university studies and technical school studies. They are accredited training programs, 100% experiential, developed in local communities around the world, offering a qualification with significant social, cultural, and environmental impact, both academically and professionally.

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Digital Communication Program from an Ethical and Sustainable Approach in Cape Town, South Africa

Innovative social entrepreneurship

Health Sciences Program in Karnataka,

Access to health in India

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Digital Communication Program from an Ethical and Sustainable Approach in Yukatán, México

Innovative social entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
with impact in Spain

Innovative social entrepreneurship

Regenerative Agriculture For Food Security And Climate Change In Galapagos

Innovative social entrepreneurship

Facing global challenges:
sustainability, ethics and innovation

Educational projects designed to offer a 360 view of the different global challenges of our century, with the hopes of building transformative, viable, respectful, durable and innovative solutions.

Training based on the acquisition of skills under the ‘learning by doing’ philosophy.

In this field, at the hand of local professionals and organizations, students research, analyze, debate and provide innovative solutions to real problems.

Academic and professional qualification with great social, cultural, and environmental impact.

Cross-cutting content focused on achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Health Science


Sustainability, ecology and conservation

Social Entrepreneurship


Interculturality and Diversity

Why participate in our programmes?

Lea Global Pathways programs represent an added value to university training by offering academic opportunities to develop technical skills in the field as well as the acquisition of the necessary skills to address the global challenges of the 21st century.

LEA Global Pathways offers universities with 100% experiential, tailor-made educational programs in diverse environments.

Under the philosophy of ‘Learning by doing’, our programs allow students to learn by collaborating in the solution of real problems in direct contact with the organizations and professionals who manage them in the field.


For this, we have a wide network of professionals and organizations around the world, which allow us to offer an educational proposal that combines knowledge, practice, and critical reflection through integral training projects in the chosen fields.  


We identify challenges around the world that are innovatively addressed by local organizations, and we build academic programs with high learning value.


We coordinate all actors to offer a 360 view of the different challenges and build viable and innovative solutions.


We use social entrepreneurship services learning methodologies to develop real projects in the learning itineraries.


We develop thematic programs by academic area integrated into university courses with a community of organizations and professionals in different environments that facilitate the creation of programs and experiential learning for students.


All of the programs have the following activities adapted by academic and geographic area.

Open classroom: in coordination with education centers and professional doctors in the field, academic content is offered, adapted to the local norms where the program takes place.

Solidarity and professional experiences: students participate in the day-to-day activities of social, environmental, and educational organizations, supporting and collaborating with their projects with volunteer activities and professional practice, supporting the projects and the populations served by the organizations.

A team of specialists with more than 30 years of experience in global education projects, cultural exchange and volunteering.

Lea is founded and directed by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in Global Education such as Ana Eseverri Mayer, Daniel Ponce Taylor and Marisa Martínez.

Our Network

We have a network of partners around the world, with which we have been working with for more than 20 years since the beginning of AIPC Pandora. We design educational programs together with universities and our local partners, who also offer logistical services in the field.

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