Programs for young people under 18 years

The programs for people under 18 are overseen by the NGO AIPC Pandora, which is a leading organization in Spain specializing in experiential training in Global Citizenship – Social and educational innovation to create a better world for the youth since 2002.

We aim to foster the development of skills, values, tools, and crucial relationships necessary for personal growth and the empowerment of young individuals as agents of change, dedicated to advancing fair, sustainable societies and promoting holistic development. We achieve this through volunteer programs, social entrepreneurship, cultural exchanges, and academic experiences abroad.

We work based on two methodologies

Own methodology

Our own three-phased methodology: developing competencies, values, tools, and key relationships for personal growth and to become agents of change who drive fair, sustainable societies and promote holistic development.

The "Global Service Learning" or "Service-Learning" methodology

Combines learning and competency development with improving the living conditions of local communities worldwide.

AIPC Pandora offers open programs for individual enrolment and collaborates with schools, businesses, and organizations worldwide, facilitating the exchange of young people in social, educational, and intercultural programs.

International and Solidarity Summer

International Volunteering Program in summer, in Southern countries, for youth aged 13 to 18.

Academic Year Abroad

School exchange program in various countries, available for a trimester, semester, or full academic year. We offer J1 scholarships in the USA.

Social Entrepreneurship and Excellence Programs

Scholarship programs for outstanding young people with limited opportunities, focusing on social entrepreneurship, cultural exchange, and action towards the United Nations' Agenda 2030.

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